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Plastic Pails

Plastic Open Head Pails are available in a wide variety of Applications, including Paints, Inks, Chemicals, Edible Oils, Foods and Flavorings, Lubricants, Hi-Tech Coatings, Hi-Solid Coatings, Roofing Mastics and Adhesives and Driveway Sealers.


High Stack, Tear Skirt, UN Standard, Lightweight, Short Skirt, High Viscosity, Additional Covers Available

Special Features

  • Plastic Pails are manufactured from FDA approved high density polyethylene.
  • All Covers are available with openings to accommodate a variety of clinch-on, molded-in or push-in fi ttings or screw cap.
  • Plastic and metal handles available for most sizes.
  • Plastic Pails easily de-nest for either an automated or manually operated line.
  • Standard color: White, natural and other colors available.
  • Decorations, instructions, restrictions, and cautions can be applied by PE sleeve, offset printing, silk screen, print label or hot stamp.
  • Custom colors are available as is six-color offset printing.
  • Child warning label hot stamped on each plastic pail.
  • Non-certified tear tab covers are available as a solid cover or with a rieke pull spout fitting, tint plug or 70mm screw cap.
  • All containers are reusable, reconditionable and recyclable.

Champion carries a wide range of open head and closed head plastic pails to meet your container needs. We have both UN Rated and non-rated pails. Our pails also come in a wide variety of colors. Need your company logo on a pail? We can also decorate your pails. Please call for specific information on UN ratings, decorating, colors and availability.

Plastic Open Head Pails