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New Quakertown, PA Warehouse coming...

Champion Container Corporation is pleased to announce construction of our sixth warehouse in Mid Atlantic area. This 72,000 Sq Ft warehouse is located in Quakertown, PA and will be in full operation in the first quarter of 2023. Champion Container is a premier general line new packaging distributor in the Mid Atlantic / New England territory.



2022 sponsor of Women in Flavors and Fragrance Commerce.

Champion Container is a proud 2022 sponsor of Women in Flavors and Fragrance Commerce. 

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Champion Container Corporation is still 100% operational and on schedule. 

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Dear Champion Container Customer, 

Champion Container would like you to know the protocol that we are enforcing in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to keep our warehouses operational and to prevent any disruptions of supply. Champion is very much aware of the concerns of our customers due to the rapid spread of the virus throughout the U.S. and the world. 

First and foremost, to keep our employees safe and in good health, we are following the recommendations from the CDC, state and local governments. 

Currently we are 100% operational. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have 6 warehouses in 4 different states in the Northeast. This gives us the ability to ship from multiple locations if certain areas are affected harder than others. This helps alleviate any concerns of state shutdowns or outbreaks. 

Finally, all of our major suppliers have been contacted and they do not anticipate any interruption in production. 

Champion Container is here to assist in any way that we can. Please, if you have any questions contact your local sales representative. 


Richard Lott

Chief Operating Officer


Special Announcements

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread and impact our community, we're taking steps to keep our employees safe and healthy. We are continuing to monitor the virus situation closely and we're asking everyone to stay safe by adhering to the following steps:

  •  Be alert to your own health status. If you or anyone in your family is sick, do not come in the office, and notify us. If you're set up to work from home, do so.
  • Practice extreme care with cleanliness and sanitation as prescribed on the CDC website and most local health websites,
  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Use an alcohol based solution to sanitize yourself Use sanitizing towels for your work area, computer, desk, phone, etc.
  • Do not schedule meetings with vendors and suppliers for the near term and postpone any existing ones.
  • Sales personnel should not come to the office unless necessary (i.e., samples, issues, etc.)
  • Avoid crowds
  • Keep distance from others
  • Monitor health institution websites such as the CDC and local ones to receive up-to-date information

We thank you for your help in managing our response to this health crisis.

Champion COVID-19 Warehouse Protocol

  • No one is allowed on the premises unless necessary.
  • Truck drivers must wait in their truck while been loaded/unloaded.
  • If anyone enters the premises, they have to wash their hands immediately and use sanitizing towels/lotion before any interaction.
  • Designate an area with a tray where paperwork will be exchanged to minimize physical proximity to the drivers.
  • Do disinfect the area periodically as well as door handles, chairs, etc.
  • Minimize the time that outsiders spend inside and monitor their location at all time.
  • Our employees should keep safe social distance from outsiders and from each other.
  • Be alert to anyone showing symptoms, i.e. fever, sweating, chills.
  • Use your judgement to evaluate whether you believe it is safe to allow anybody to enter the building.

Our drivers delivering or picking up at other companies should follow similar guidelines:

  • Stay in the truck
  • Minimize interaction with as few individuals as possible
  • Keep safe social distance
  • Wash hands and use sanitizing wipes/lotion




Acquisition of Jachts Columbia Can

In June 2017, Champion acquired Jachts Columbia Can, a company located in Paterson, NJ which had been distributing packaging containers since its founding in 1987. As one of the premier distributors in the northeast, Jachts had built an excellent reputation that resembled Champion’s own thanks to the leadership of its founder and his emphasis on developing a customer-centric organization.

Acquisition of Yankee Containers

In June 2017, Champion acquired Yankee Containers, a company located in North Haven, CT which had been distributing packaging containers since its founding in 1972.As a multigenerational business, the company thrived by serving small local businesses and growing with them. Yankee also positioned itself to serve Internet customers with a significant investment in the required infrastructure and expertise.

Acquisition of New Location in Suffield, CT

In December 2016, Champion Container relocated its Enfield, CT facility to a newly acquired 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse at 5 Firestone Drive, Suffield, CT 06078. This new location enables Champion to better serve its customers as it expands into the New England market.

Acquisition of AB Container, Inc.

In September 2015, Champion Container acquired AB Container, Inc., a company located in Enfield, CT which had been distributing packaging containers since its founding in 1983. The founder of AB, a former associate of Champion, modeled his company and its business philosophy on the ‘Champion way’. With the Champion business spirit already a foundation of the company, it is a pleasure for us to welcome AB back in our family.

Acquisition of Canpak Incorporated

In April 2015, Champion Container acquired Canpak Incorporated, a company located in Rosedale, MD which had been distributing packaging containers since its founding in 1961. The two companies share identical visions based on their founders’ belief that excellent customer service is paramount to success.